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Virtual Online Classes via Zoom

Check out the different types of classes we run when you have us in your community.
Each week will cover all of these types of classes to make sure we are working out every inch of your body for optimal fitness and wellness, You are sure to work up a sweat and have fun at the same time!
We can guarantee you will see (and feel) immediate improvements and changes in your overall wellness. Most importantly you will complete your week feeling a great sense of accomplishment knowing you are treating your body and mind with the best gift in the world: health!

This is the original class that started the Lemon Cree craze across the James Bay communities! A saucy mix of aerobics that focuses on toning, increasing energy, losing weight in an unconventional way that keeps the class super fun. You'll be having so much fun in the class, you'll almost forget how hard you are actually working out! This class involves fun songs that will get you bouncing on the balls and dancing while sitting down! But don't let this class' fun environment fool you! You will shed pounds while working with a combination of Resist-A-Bands, weights, and Resist-A-Balls routines which you will learn how to do in your own home! Beginner Level.


At the end of every invigorating week of working out with Lemon Cree, our last class of the week focuses solely on Yoga. As important as it is to condition your body, it is equally just as important to make sure you are giving your mind and spirit some extra attention and tender loving care.​This class focuses on decreasing your stress levels, leaving you feeling focused and refreshed. A group class perfect for revitalizing your spirit through meditation, a series of poses to heal your chakras, and breathing techniques that you can be sure to take home or to work with you to continue the healing of a healthier, happier you!

All levels welcome.


Thanks for all your hard work I am stronger and more confident in myself, you Rock!!!


Diane Moar - Cree Nation of Nemaska

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