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Everyone's Journey to Fitness and Wellness is Unique. Here, people share their before & after photos, and their personal success stories about their battles, triumphs and what motivated them along the way.


"Been trying to figure out why I have been having trouble with my sleep pattern. This morning I realized the trouble started when Bounce Fit was on holidays. After one class I slept well" - 
Nicole George

" Made some positive changes in my eating habits and focused to reach my goals with the help of Lemon Cree"

-Nick George

"Lemon Cree has motivated and inspired me to believe that I have something to share with others through fitness..."
- Corie Druggett
"Thank-You Lemon Cree, I am stronger and more confident in myself, you rock!"
- Diane Moar
"Lemon Cree was my greatest supporter. They pushed and encouraged me to a point where I stood up and said to myself, I can do this."
- Deborah Wapachee
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